Patriots Pride  Military RC



 The Purpose of this organization is to bring
 former and current military members and their
 families together for fellowship and riding. We
 will also deal with POW/MIA support and
 current military issues.
            The Meaning of our Patch:

 Club Name: We are all proud patriots who
 have served or are currently serving this great

 Service Stripe: The individual's branch of
 service in which he or she served or is now

Main Club Insignia:

 US Flag:  Shows our pride in this great nation.
 Crossed M-16's:  Shows our dedication to our fellow brothers and sisters in 
 The Eagle:  The symbol of the freedom we have all placed our lives on the
 line to uphold.
 Shape of the Patch:  The main shape is that of a headstone, this symbolizes
 those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.
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